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With an increased need for culturally and linguistically relevant services, Akorbi helps clients connect businesses with highly skilled candidates throughout the world. Whether you are looking for bilingual temporary staffing to fill a short-term position or are seeking a workforce for an entire bilingual team, Akorbi can help provide your company with the highest caliber bilingual talent to meet your needs.

Our bilingual staffing agency has the capabilities to meet the demands of large corporations and government agencies. Our experienced team of recruiters specializes in locating the ideal candidate to match your bilingual staffing specifications in any language and anywhere in the world. Our company is able to help our clients find the perfect candidates by fully understanding their clients’ business environment and hiring requirements. Akorbi also makes use of a proprietary database of high-caliber, pre-qualified candidates in a variety of disciplines including, information technology, telecommunications, health care, legal, and banking and finance. All of our recruiting managers are experienced in recruiting and in the specific industry.

For more information on the bilingual staffing services offered by Akorbi or for a free quote, please call 1-877-4-AKORBI.