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Tagalog is part of the Austronesia language family, and is written in a Latin script. It is a trade language utilized and developed by the Filipino population, and awareness of it is essential for trade within its markets. The Philippines have the forty-seventh highest GDP in the world. In 2008, the Philippines were the thirtieth largest export market for the U.S. and the thirty-fifth largest trading partner for the United States. $21.2 billion dollars of two way goods and services ($10.3 billion exported, $10.9 billion imported) were negotiated between the Unites States and the Philippines. Top exported goods included electrical machinery, medical instruments, cereals, animal feed and food waste, and the top imported goods included knit apparel, electrical machinery, fats, oils and woven textiles. The U.S. foreign direct investment in 2008 in the Philippines was $5.9 billion, primarily in the manufacturing sector.

According to the Census, there are 23.9 million speakers of Tagalog throughout eight countries, and it is the thirty-ninth most spoken language in the world. Although most of its speakers live in their native Philippines, an estimated 1,224,241 live in the Unites States, making it the fifth most spoken foreign language in the country. The 2005 American Community Survey reports the largest Tagalog populations in California, Illinois and New Jersey. Most Tagalog translation requests are for technical manuals and consumer and marketing materials aimed at Tagalog-speaking consumers. For corporations wishing to penetrate these markets, the ability to communicate is vital.

When Tagalog services are requested, we employ only seasoned translators and editors with related experience in the specific region of your target audience. Akorbi understands the importance of affordable services, quality translations, and fast turnaround. All of our Tagalog translators, copywriters and editors have several years of experience in the specific field of your industry, and must have the proper credentials before being required to pass a translation test issued by a tenure editor.

Akorbi is ISO 9001-certified and follows a strict and standardized quality control process. This process involves an editorial review of a translator’s final document before returning the final deliverable project to the customer. This extensive check and balance system ensures that each translation meets our professional reputation for quality as well as our client’s standards and expectations. Our client’s expectations are our top priority. We will always take the time to ensure that the linguists selected for your project have related experience, as well as the necessary specialization, prior to any documentation being assigned to them. Akorbi is proud of its high customer retention rate and the consistency of quality work from our team of translators. We also offer a Translation Quality Certificate and an Affidavit of Accuracy as proof of our commitment to quality, when required.