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Tagalog Translators

Tagalog Translators

Are you a certified Tagalog translator who is detail-oriented, can meet tight deadlines and has a desire to exceed client expectations? If so, please apply to join the Akorbi team.

At Akorbi, we are focused on maintaining long-term client relationships. We take pride in our high customer-retention rate and quality work from our teams of translators.  Our emphasis on quality is supported by our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and EN 15038 certifications.

Tagalog Translations: Essential for Filipino Trade

Tagalog is spoken by 23.9 million people in eight countries worldwide. Used and developed by the Filipino population, Tagalog is essential for trade in these markets. Top exported goods include:  electrical machinery, medical instruments, cereals, animal feed and food waste. Translation services are critical for companies needing to communicate effectively with Tagalog-speaking consumers.

From technical manuals to consumer and marketing materials, we translate millions of words per year from English to Tagalog and from Tagalog to English for three types of audiences, including:

1.    Tagalog Consumers in the United States

Nearly 1.6 million Tagalog-speakers live in the U.S. We are seeking Tagalog translators who can communicate effectively with patients, as well as seniors who have limited English proficiency.

2.    Tagalog for Global Trade

Our clients require Tagalog translators for in-country reviews of clinical trials, as well as pharmaceutical- and technology-related materials.

3.    Tagalog for Legal Cases

Qualified linguists are needed to support legal cases with Tagalog-related evidence or witnesses, which have aggressive deadlines. The demand for litigation support is on the rise due to the significant amount of technology involved.

Our requirements for Tagalog translators include:

  • A minimum of five years of translation experience within a specific industry or a related field
  • Certified and accredited by a respected translators association, such as the American Translators Association, or state-level certifications, federal certifications or reputable University degrees or certificates in translation
  • Experience using CAT tools
  • Ability to work with large translation memories
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word that includes modifying styles and tables of content
  • Experience working with HTML, XLIFF and, ideally, InDesign
  • Willingness to comply with security requirements for HIPAA and CMS, including background checks

If you meet the above requirements, apply today to join the Akorbi team. We are seeking applicants who have a desire to build long-lasting client relationships, can meet client deadlines, are detail-oriented and are committed to meeting deadlines.

Please submit a cover letter explaining how you meet our requirements, your rates and your resume to jobs@akorbi.com.

If you are a client, please click here.